Deep Learning Engineer

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Actionable Insights with Industrial-Grade Video Understanding

AI for the Physical World. At Ramblr, we go beyond superficial video analysis to extract deep context from egocentric videos. Our technology provides a comprehensive understanding of actions, individual objects, and their relationships. Prompt Ramblr’s AI assistant to unlock precise insights and pinpoint specific moments in thousands of hours of multimodal videos captured from a first-person perspective. Are you excited to become a Ramblr and join us at the intersection of AI and spatial computing? If so, you can apply directly to the job posting or use the open application form.

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Job Description
We are looking for a strong deep learning engineer who can deploy and maintain state-ot-the-art AI models. You write clean, efficient and highly parallelized code to improve and extend our deep learning stack. You work on improving our platform to make training and deployment of models more efficient.

By applying your understanding of classical computer vision and state-of-the-art deep neural networks you are responsible for the performance and reliability of our platform. You build and optimize parts of our model stack and efficiently integrate them into our overall pipeline.
Your profile
  • Passion for solving the hard problems in deep learning
  • Required:
    • Ability to write efficient code for highly parallelized data loading and transformation, model serving and training, stacking models into efficient serving graphs and more
    • Full proficiency in python-based collaborative software engineering: follow consistent style-guide, clean design patterns, self-documented code, unit/integration tests, type annotations
    • Machine Learning: data loading pipelines, serving/deployment, neural network architectures (especially Transformer / CNNs), model optimization, PyTorch
    • Computer Vision: CNNs, Vision Transformers, spatio-temporal data, image- and video embeddings, image augmentation
    • Experience with scientific python libraries such as: numpy, openCV, matplotlib, scipy, scikit-learn, scikit-optimize
    • General: git VCS, code reviews, development on Linux, distributed computing concepts
  • Optional:
    • Natural Language Processing: Transformer architectures, vision-language alignment, prompt engineering
    • MLOps: automated model monitoring,
    • Acceleration in python: numba, c++/CUDA extensions, cython, PyTorch c++/CUDA extensions, ONNX, TPUs
    • General: Cloud Technologies, Ray, data visualization
  • Education
    • M.Sc./Ph.D. in computer science, physics or mathematics with focus on computer vision, machine learning or a related field
    • 3+ years of relevant work experience
    • Fluent in English
Why us?
  • Join a highly motivated team with super smart people in a well-funded, early-stage startup
  • Take part in an incredible journey and participate in our equity incentive plan 
  • Become part of an international team of experienced entrepreneurs and deep-learning experts
  • Play a decisive role in shaping a company with a creative working environment and streamlined decision-making
  • Enjoy full responsibility for your tasks and your work area
  • Come have fun with us, learn from your mistakes and bring good vibes!
About us
Founded by experienced tech entrepreneurs and deep-learning scientists with proven track records, we have embarked on a mission to bring AI to the physical world and unlock next-gen intelligent AR/XR devices. 
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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